Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome to Sunday Morning Muse

Dear Blog, friends, family, anyone who chances upon this entry:
This will be the first of what I hope will be many Sunday mornings as I clear out the cobwebs of the previous week and look forward to the next.

I’ve just sent my goddaughter Amanda off to church with her folks Rosalinda and Rod, after a visit that started Friday night. I’m constantly reminded “how time flies” as I watch this young lady grow up – even though “young lady” makes her sound older than her near-14 years (her next birthday is Oct. 5, a date she shares with her Mom Rosalinda, who is actually her great-grandmother…another story for a future entry).

I’m so very flattered that Amanda still thinks it’s fun to visit me, since I’m afraid I’m not cool enough, but maybe she just enjoys a little change in her routine. She just tags along with me as I go about to my weekend plans – whatever’s happening in downtown Glendora on Friday night, the Saturday morning acoustic guitar concert at the downtown guitar store, dinner at my aunt&cousins’ house Saturday night.

So I hope we’ll be able to do these visits once a month and maybe switch up the activities – we’ll have to skip October though because the weekend I’d like her to visit is the weekend I’ll be seeing U2 at the Rose Bowl, and I need to “save my knees” for that show.
So, saving my knees means I’ve got arthritis in both, which slows me down most days, is painful some days (it’s getting better because I exercise at a swimming pool 3-4 times a week after work), stiff most of the time.

That concert will be a major test for me – it will entail a lot of walking. I’ll have to walk around about a third of the Rose Bowl to get to my very expensive seats (18 rows up from the field, just north of the 50 yard line, with a clear view of the left side of the huge U2 stage), but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let those knees keep me from seeing Bono and Band. I’ve upped my workouts to strengthen them for this task, and I know there will be pain, but I’m going to do this. This is just one step, pardon the pun, to proving my strength and resolve and will be a major victory, no matter how much I hurt the week after.

So I guess this blog will be about the things that cross my mind as I write. More thoughts about last week…

I’m working very hard to stay within my budget, so it was a bit of a moment when my dog Dickens, a 15-year-old Chihuahua that had been my late mother’s, started bleeding from his seriously bad teeth. I haven’t had his teeth cleaned since he’s got some kind of heart murmur and vets have told me that he could die under anesthetic, but that all changed Friday when the vet said he’d die from the infection he had…so under anesthetic he went, had several teeth pulled and a thorough cleaning…and survived, thank God.

I got an uncomfortable preview of what it will be like when he leaves me permanently. Friday afternoon had a palpable “empty” feeling without him here. Funny, how a little animal can become a part of your life so completely.

He’s still recovering from what most adult humans would take a week to cope with, and has very few teeth left, but much fresher breath…and now I can “brush” his teeth weekly to protect what he has left.

It’s so good to have him home; our little world is renewed.

So …next week…I look forward to getting back to the pool after a week off (but surprisingly, I’ve experienced just a little pain in the knees – just need to sit down when I need to). I hope to put them to the test out at the LA County Fair before it closes next weekend…it’s supposed to get cooler than the 100+ temperatures we’ve had the last couple of weeks – drop down into the 80s, which will be simply wonderful!

The Fair is a step back into childhood, yet this time it will test my very adult issue of arthritis. But I look forward to seeing how it all works out…it could be great and fun or it could suck and hurt a lot, but at least I’m accepting the challenge…I just don’t want to let arthritis keep me from doing anything.

So on that note folks, I’m signing off, and looking forward to next week, and next Sunday’s Morning Muse. Hope your week ahead is all that you want it to be.

Thanks for checking in on me – Cathie Lou

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